This page contains all of my past projects as well as any current ones, I try to provide at least some screenshots or a video of each one but when possible I also add downloads here of the different games, tutorials and unreal projects I have been working on. You can find it all below.

I might re-organise this page eventually when it starts to get a bit bigger.

LAST UPDATED: 7th May 2018


Currently back to doing some experiments in engine! Will upload results over the next few weeks.

Currently experimenting with different technical art relating to pushing pixel art graphics inside UE4. This will also include combining 3d elements with 2d as well as looking into the possibility of creating procedural pixel art materials inside of the engine.
FIRST BLOG POST HERE: http://jmbroderick.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/pixel-art-art-style-experiments-1.html

Other projects, completed or otherwise:

ADVENTURE GAME PROJECT UE4 - NEW! 07/05/2018 - Added download link for old version of the project with the grid-based movement system.

GAME A WEEK - (Masters Degree Prototype Project 2017)

Here you will find all the games I have worked on for the 'Game A Week' challenge, some decent, some very experimental messes. All of them however extremely valuable in building up my skills as a developer. For more information on what Game A Week is, read this Gamasutra blog by Rami @ Vlambeer: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RamiIsmail/20140226/211807/Game_A_Week_Getting_Experienced_At_Failure.php

Also a GDC talk by Adriel Wallick, who has taken up the challenge and has some helpful insight into her process and how it has helped her develop games better: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020866/Game-a-Week-How-to

Also her website, where you can see the results of the challenge and progress: http://msminotaur.com/?cat=9


GUIDING SPRITES - Final Major Project for De Montfort University Game Art

Guiding Sprites was an ambitious puzzle game developed as a group project for our final major project at university.


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