Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Quick GIF Drop - THE VOID - Portal FX and Procedural Generation Preview

Hey guys, it's been a while since I have updated the blog, I am still alive and making things! The whole end of the year has been a bit hectic and things like the blog writing always ends up getting left out on my list of things to do.

I am working on an experimental game project called 'The Void' with Leon Field. https://ldmfield.weebly.com So I am using this project as an opportunity to push my tech art skills.

I will be showing a lot more of what I am working on soon, but for now here is a GIF showing a portal effect for the The Void I have been working on in UE made with particles, fancy material stuff, blueprints and skeletal meshes. I will be providing a proper breakdown of how I made this effect on this blog on a later date.

Portal Materialization effect - Uses a blueprint timeline to control how the meshes expand, how the post process material animates, when the particles activate, and when skeletal meshes start playing their animations.

I'm also currently working on some procedural generation script for the same project, this is a bit more advanced and will take more time but I see if I can post more updates for that too. In this project I have been experimenting with a bit of C++ as well as blueprint so I can read text files that contain layout information for each room before I start placing each one procedurally.

Super early procedural generation script (This has developed a lot since making this GIF)

I plan on writing larger blog posts about each of the things I am working on above so I can link them to my portfolio site, this will take a bit more planning as I actually want to breakdown each little project in a lot of detail to (hopefully) explain how I've done things. So bear with me!

However, f you want to see things as I'm working on them though I tend to post on Twitter more frequently, so check out my page there: https://twitter.com/JamesMBroderick

See you soon!

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