Sunday, 22 April 2018

Added Resource Links to sidebar


Been making a couple of small changes to the website, mainly some minor edits to the about page... but also I have added a list of links to Game Development, Traditional Art and CG Art Resources on the right sidebar.

Have a look through! Some are pretty well known, others less so... all of them can be pretty useful for artists/developers of any skill level.


I_DO_TRI Studio Website, Twitter and Official Discord Links and new portfolio website link

If you have been following my stuff for a while you may have noticed that I have been trying to kickstart an Indie Games Studio with my friend Amber Jamieson. We are currently in the midst of planning things for it (we have something lined up for later in the year) Anyways, we have an official site, community discord and a twitter page that was created for our previous demo projects. I have linked them too under 'Official Sites' in the sidebar, but here are the links below for you, feel free to join the discord and say hi!

Also I have updated my portfolio link in the sidebar... for some reason I hadn't changed it to the new portfolio site:

I will continue to update the links in the sidebar over time to keep them relevant and interesting. Also, if you feel like it comment if you have any suggestions about anything else I could add!

See you next time,
James. :)

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