Friday, 16 February 2018

Quick 3d art dump

Been doing a tiny bit of 3d, I have been doing some sketching too but I'll scan at the start of next week.

This isn't a complete model, just me mucking about. I decided to model a room design from the Ikea Ideas page

More specifically, this one:

Photo of Ikea ideas room. 
I wanted to pick something that I could just focus on modelling, I'm trying to focus on developing my speed and efficiency whilst modelling, as usually I am... slow and inefficient. Heheheh.

I seem to learn a lot faster when I put a little pressure on myself and put out a large quantity of work, so I'm hoping that churning out a vast amount of 3d models will help my process.

This was actually one of the pieces of advice that was mentioned in the Steal Like An Artist book; to improve the quality of ones art, they must produce a massive amount of it.

However, this won't be aimless practise, I am particularly focusing on improving my modelling currently and searching out for new techniques.

Anyway, enough rambling, here is the rubbish model I made in an evening.

Quick mental ray render, I'll probably present these in unreal engine instead from this point. It's just a bit more difficult to make the lighting look nice without doing spending ages tweaking lightmaps.

I would finish it tonight but I've been the victim of a wheezing cough all day so all I want to do now is nap.

More stuff in the week. :)


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