Sunday, 11 February 2018

I created a subreddit for sharing artist blogs! /r/artistblogs

A bit of a quick one. I was looking through Reddit for places to share art blogs (so I can show this place off) and I was a little bit disappointed to find that there isn't much in the way of a place where people can share their art blogs or where people can share other blogs they find interesting/cool.

There is an artblog subreddit but it's private and I thought that was weird and goes against the point of seeing all of the shared blogs, so I created my own alternative subreddit!

Subscribe and contribute to /r/artistblogs !

It's still a WIP, I need to add a proper rule system and other little reddit-y things, but as a basis this works quite well. 

If you are a painter, sculptor, game designer, photographer, film-maker, architect, graphic designer or you are involved in any other creative profession, then upload your blog onto here and we can exchange critique, feedback and nice comments about all the cool stuff we make. :D



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