Thursday, 11 January 2018

Adventure Game Project UE4

This is a project I have been tinkering with for about a year or so, but recently I have spent a lot more time on it so I can use the project as a basis for one of the projects I am running with my students. This is the adventure game project: A project template which has it's roots firmly based in adventure games like the Legend Of Zelda games as well as taking some nostalgia cues from the long days I used to spend inside RPG Maker XP.

This project contains the following features:

  • An inventory system with equippable weapons
  • RPG stat system that includes health and basic stats like MP, base magic and strength. 
  • AI enemies with a basic follow the player script, this can be extended
  • A monster spawner that can be set up to spawn any type of monster the student creates.
  • Sprite-based animation for the enemy and player blueprints, changes state according to current movement, with room for adding additional movements if needed.
  • Simple Melee and Range weapon
  • Chests that can contain items (also the students can choose the amount of the item that the chest contains.)
  • Includes basic potion (restores health) and elixir (restores MP)
  • Basic respawn
This has come a long way from my initial version of this project, which used grid based movement and lacked an inventory system. This new version is a lot more extendable; more items and weapons can be easily added without much setup and most of the item systems work out of the box.

Original version below:

I will consider adding a version of this online for download at one point, either that or a more in depth rundown of how some of this works. 

This whole project reminded my of how much I love top down adventure games. I might even work on this even more just to see what I can do with it, there are a few ideas rattling around for things I would like to attempt visually and mechanically, some of them will be really fun to experiment with. :D

UPDATE - 07/05/2018 - Old project download for Top-Down Grid Based 3d movement

I have just uploaded the old version of the project to Google Drive so people can freely download it and take it apart and figure out how it works. I've provided the project 'As is' with no attempt at cleaning it up. I might work on a better version at a later point as part of a tutorial demonstration on my Youtube channel.

Feel free to ask me any questions about this demo by contacting me by email or commenting on my blog/youtube. Also if you have created anything as a result of help from this project then I would like to see it! Ping over any videos/GIFs/images of your work. :)



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