Friday, 19 January 2018

The Great UE4 Pixel Art Project! - #6 Quick tileset changes and a really useful material node!

Been doing a tiny bit of experimentation with the tileset tonight. Nothing massive at the moment, I think before I continue any more with this I'm going to do more planning sketches. I want to have tall walls to add a lot of detail but I don't want to have the walls obscuring too much on the front sides. I need to figure out how I'm going to approach this moving forward.

Larger room experiment, also I'm trying a palette addition. The walls need a lot of fixing in order to make them look right. The main point of this was to test how the tileset might scale in a room with taller walls.
Pixel Perfection Formula

I have put together a basic version of a script that allows me to change the ortho width on the player camera according to the current screen resolution. I have this set up in the construction script currently, it still needs a bit of tweaking, but now I can mess around with the screen size without worrying about the image losing quality as much. Should make life a bit easier.

Formula for setting the player ortho width.

Texture Property Node!

And another little thing: I have found a really useful material node inside UE4. Basically you know the other day I was looking for something that would give me the texture size without having to type it in manually?...

I found something that does exact that when a texture object is plugged into it: The Texture Property node!

For my pixelated emissive effect on my tileset, using this node is incredibly useful. This node allows me to get the size of the texture in pixels, I can then use that value to divide the UVs of the panning noise, creating a pixelated, animated noise that fits in perfectly with my pixel art textures.


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