Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Great UE4 Pixel Art Experiment! #4 - Collision Tileset

I have been working on a simple collision tileset to help me plan out some rooms and stuff easier so I can just sketch over them later on. This was inspired by a talk by Cardboard Sword where they described their process for creating the tilemaps inside Paper2d in UE4, where they had a layer in the tilemap dedicated to the collisions.

I was trying to include a mix of shapes that might be useful. I haven't done loads of planning on this, I just went and did it. This isn't really tailored to any specific kind of gameplay at the moment, I was just thinking of the old kinds of tiles like you get in the RPG maker games and things like Pokemon. Anyways, here is my first attempt at creating a collision tileset:

Collision Tileset

Quick Test map using all the pieces inside Tiled Map Editor - Can get the software for free here: 

I will be adding more, this is just a first pass, I'm also sharing this with Leon so he can test it out for his little game. I should get some nice feedback that should allow me to fill in any gaps.


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