Saturday, 13 January 2018

Pixel Art Experiments #2: Quick Update - Changes to the pixelation post effect.

I've been tinkering a little bit inside engine because a little thought occurred to me earlier whilst finishing up the other blog post: For the post effect why don't I just apply the pixelation effect to the custom stencil itself?

What this means is that I can control the bleeding so it still looks like pixels, it's still not perfect but at least it makes any halo effect around the 3d objects obey the art style.

The outline effect I used to expand the size of the mask had a UV input, all I did was connect the output of the pixelated UVs into the where the UV slot for the outlines are and I ended up with the new result.

Current version of post effect. (The random sparks are part of a particle emitter, it's not a glitch with the effect.)

I also made some changes to the outline effect. Before it made 4 copies of the custom depth mask and offset them along each axis, this works mostly ok, but it means that sometimes the corners don't get covered as you can see below:

Mask Offset highlighting corner problem.
I added some extra offsets to cover the corners by making them go in diagonal directions, this means that the mask is offset in 8 directions to make sure that all sides are covered.

'Fixed' version.
Here is some material spaghetti showing the changes to the outline section (Please don't copy this node for node if you want to try this, this is real messy and I could probably cut out half of those nodes but it's late and I'm going to read Infinity Gauntlet.) :


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