Thursday, 18 January 2018

Monetising the blog

I have been looking into integrating Google Adsense into the blog as I will be attempting to make more frequent posts. Some additional income would be really useful whilst I try to focus on these little projects, the extra bit of money I'm hoping will allow me to get some slightly better equipment (camera, microphone) that I can use for tutorial creation and livestreaming gamedev stuff. 

This is something which has been suggested to me for quite some time, I just haven't been in a great enough situation in order to do it. I feel that with this current project I feel confident enough I can do some smaller videos on the side that can contains some game art tips and tricks, maybe. It's pretty well known that Youtube isn't great for monetization at the moment so I'm hoping that by focusing on the blog that I can use this to drive content over there, or maybe on Twitch or something. 

I don't know yet, guess it all depends on how much traffic I can get through here, which won't happen unless I keep making more stuff, uploading it, then sharing it everywhere.  XD
Currently though Adsense is implemented (You might notice the white gap in the sidebar) but it hasn't shown up properly yet, I will wait for Adsense to show up before making some changes the look/layout and stuff. It should be up within the next day or so. 

*Sorry about the font size: Blogger is being a massive dick and won't let me change it. >:( *


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