Monday, 22 January 2018

Art/GameDev/Cool stuff I like to look at with my eyes #1

I thought it would be nice to fill this blog with more stuff that I find inspiring! I like art a lot, and gamedev, and UE4, and Lego, and Spaceships, and TED talks... as well as other things, anything I find somewhat cool, I think I might drop it here, who knows, hopefully you lot might find it cool too.

I'll see if I end up doing more posts like this, depends how much I get into it. Since I look at a lot of different information sources I will probably end up embedding Pinterest Pins, Tweets, Youtube videos and all sorts to keep a nice mix going. :)


Most of the stuff I like at the moment is either pixel art or interesting things people are doing in Unreal Engine, probably because of the pixel project I'm doing.

The first image is just a little pixel art guide for creating Ruins:

This is just a cool cyberpunk-y image, I love the colours and the feeling it gives.

More Pixel-arty goodness!!

Obligatory Archillect Gif

A really cool painterly post process effect!

A classic bit of 70s sci-fi art by John Harris

A bit more pixel art, I love the patterns on this. <3

And finally... A new animation that should be airing soon called Final Space (It has David Tennant and John Dimaggio in it!) but yeah, it's weird high concept sci-fi and colourful animation, so I will probably love this when I watch it.

That's it for now, I might do another inspiration post later in the week!

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