Monday, 9 January 2017

Mike Pickton Meeting 5

This was quite a small meeting this week being the first one back from christmas where not a lot went on. The only other work I have had to do involved writing an essay for MA purposes, so me and Mike didn't have a lot to talk about this week!

We did cover some things however, the main point being that when it comes to practical work I should be creating videos or GIFs to showcase my progress for those that can't play the game. So that is something I will work on doing from now on, keeping all the clips on my Youtube channel and showing any interesting developments. This might encourage me eventually to be a lot more vocal about my work and processes, maybe adding voice tracks with descriptions at some point if required. (Might be more suitable during the development of our final game where I can create videos in more of a behind the scenes format.)

Creating little progress videos is definitely something I would like to get into the habit of doing, and it makes my work easier to look at and mark so that's an even better reason to do it.

Objectives for next week

Well next week I intend to start getting into creating things, but how I will actually go about the process of that isn't clear to me yet. I do plan to start gathering up resources and begin researching from online and using books to gather some inspiration and hopefully by the next meeting I should be able to discuss with Mike some of my creative thoughts I'm having; including any suggestions he might have for improving my ideation process.


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