Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Started Game A Week!

Okay, I've officially started the Game A Week challenge! As you can see there is a new Game A Week Challenge Page linked at the top, which will list all the games I will have worked on, any time I have added a new game I will add a new page under there as well as a blog update linking it with a link to download and play. :) Out Of The Blue is available for download there as well as a proper analysis, so feel free to check it out. (Note: It's a bit ropey, but that's the point of this challenge.)

I have also linked the original blog post by Rami there and I might go and add the GDC talk by Adriel Wallick and her website as I have used her progress as inspiration, and I thought it would be fair to share the awareness of it in case anybody wants to try out the same idea.

Wish me Luck!


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