Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Meeting 2 w Mike Pickton - Breaking down narrative games

This week I wanted to talk to Mike about the possibility of moving onto more research into the type of games I would like to make, and get into starting to create practical prototypes.
So far I have shown a progression in my research; from what is indie development, investigating how dev teams are built, talking to developers, the software and techniques they use and then how prototyping and experimentation factors in.
Now I am at a good point to move into analysing games and start to break them down for my own uses, but I needed an angle. After talking with Mike about the suggestions I got from people at Gamecity about small narrative games, moving forward it might be good to start to break down exactly what that is and establish what makes them work. Before I can implement their techniques inside some small game prototypes.

  • Could split off techniques post a bit more and have some more research into why developers use certain tools over others
  • Look into narrative games next, breaking down the core components of the games I have looked at and look into applying that in some small experimental tests 

  • Start to analyse some narrative games, break down key points or design concepts that could be used
  • Create some game concepts using the analysis as a base

This next week should be quite fun as I get to play and watch some games. Now I am coming close to actually getting something practical running. My main question is also getting there aswell, now including all the main parts I have been researching, and with a focus on keeping it a practical based project: 'How can a small team create a narrative focused game using experimental gameplay and use this to create an indie studio?' It might need a bit of work yet, but over the next week or two it should be solid enough to include in the presentations and the learning contract.

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