Monday, 24 October 2016

Original Masters Proposal

Here is my original proposal for my masters research, for my tutors to see. My Masters plan has changed quite considerably since I written this so it is quite outdated now as my project is more focused on game development, this project proposal before it quite vague and mixed in it's goals.

Project proposal

I wish to pursue a game art based study, with a focus on creating interactive experiences, improving technical skill within UE4 and developing an eye for game design. This will follow on from my previous studies at DMU where I have studied game art design and it will use some of my background in general games development that I learnt back in college, allowing me use skills from both areas.

The main theme of my investigation will involve myself looking at creating mini gaming experiences using Unreal Engine 4 with a focus on telling story through the environment, as part of my experimentation this could include using emerging technologies like virtual reality to create an even more immersive piece of entertainment for people to interact with. A series of products will be created, combining art and game design sensibilities, but will call for a high level of polish on both fronts in order to create a full experience for the players. In order to create these projects with the level of polish I want I will have to learn how to streamline my workflow, learn the game development pipeline more in depth and learn project management methodologies e.g. Agile Scrum.

The final project will be a joint venture with fellow student, Amber Jamieson, where we will prototype and develop a small game. During this project I will be creating the base game design and handle the technical side of the project developing a playable prototype while Amber will focus on the art direction and asset creation. This will work towards our goal of developing an indie game studio, where we will have to use a broad range of skills in order to make a stand in the market.

Research resources: UE4 - Ocean Exploration prototype Youtube

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