Saturday, 28 May 2016

FMP 20 - Finishing Up

It's our last week on the project! However there is still a tonne to squeeze into the project within that time, most of which involves me playtesting and fixing anything which isn't working, this naturally results in several massive lists of things.

Here is an example of just a few of the things I had to get through this week:

  • Fix player collisions
  • Fix animations
  • Tweak cameras
  • Accent lighting
  • Import remaining clutter assets and replace old textures/downsized textures
  • Fix texture streaming problem - Textures loading into level too slow
  • Fix AI
  • Add UI Markers
  • Population
I managed to get through most of it with help from Amber as she kept track of issues and did some playtesting herself to highlight problems, I got the last few assets and resized textures from Hazrat and then I began to populate the scene to it's final level.

I also managed to rework the title screen a little before we handed in:

Reworked title screen, based inside the actual map, saves texture streaming problem inside level in most cases.

Final rundown

I'll probably do a more in depth reflection of the project in my post mortem, for now though I can say I am happy with how far this project has came, despite having some issues along the way in trying to make everything fit. Over the last few weeks you could really start to notice how it was coming together.

So without further ado, here is some screens and a little teaser video I have put together:

Journey to the lighthouse

Stone bridge area

Olive's bedroom

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