Sunday, 22 May 2016

FMP 19 - New town centre

I was feeling a little unconfident with one of the areas in the level this week, a concern which extended to the rest of the team, the middle section of the level seemed uninteresting and boring and needed something drastic to shakeup the gameplay. 

I tried out the possibility of opening the level up a bit more to add some more variation to the level plan and encourage a bit of exploration, this seemed a vast improvement over the previous design and also gave us scope for introducing more interactive elements, so we made this into an area where the characters can collect objects.

The plan before was way to linear and forced the camera into a difficult position, planning the level around camera potential camera issues wasn't something that we thought would be a problem at the start but as we have went on it had affected major design choices in the level. Plotting in camera tracks in the original level designs is something that I would do from now on to minimise issues later down the line.

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