Sunday, 8 May 2016

FMP 17 - The Dock

After last week when I lost work I spent the weekend trying to catch up to where I was and I tried to get the lighting back to how I wanted it, however as I was about to save the project my computer got a blue screen... *sigh*

So I had to then play catch up again (spending a lot of time copying a few backups in the process) but at the end of it I managed to catch up plus fix some other things in the process. I spent this time also including the dock part of the level from our original design, allowing us to actually have a proper end to the level. It has taken a tiny bit of time out of an already full schedule but this was an important area that was needed to sum up the game experience.

Other main points this week included going back and checking the camera switches, going back over the cutscenes and adding accent lighting to the environment. Mostly a lot of this weeks changes have been not so visual more functional, next week I'll try to include a gameplay video once it's tidied up.

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