Sunday, 1 May 2016

FMP 16 - Rain and lighting

A lot of this week has been working on trying to get as many assets as possible imported into engine while going through all the fixes on my list. My job from now on until the end of the project is jumping between creating remaining effects, fixing up gameplay and importing remaining assets. I knew this would be the case anyway as I'm effectively responsible for getting the final product working because of working in engine.

I did have a bit of a hiccup this week with my work though as the map file corrupted while attempting to save a backup, making me lose some work I did on lighting and the rain effects. Fortunately, I was able to transfer some of the uasset files from the corrupted version of the project to a slightly older version, allowing me to keep some of what I done.

The screenshots below are some what I managed to do with the lighting this week, adding in fog sheets, a new sky box and some more work on the raindrops which I will discuss next.


I received some help from Mike Pickton about my rain saying that instead of attempting to do it with in the materials as I tried before that I should instead just use a plane which particles spawn into, which are then animated in a flipbook. Using this technique I managed to create the rain splash particles as I needed, the particles randomly spawn within a radius, with each particle aligned to the Z axis to keep the effect realistic.

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