Monday, 15 February 2016

Return to blogger!

Hi. You may have noticed it has been a while since my last update here, the last update I posted was right at the start of third year just after I redesigned the look of this blog. The weekend before we started uni I delved into blogger's CSS code, html and etc and tailored the look of everything to what I wanted. It was challenging, perhaps a little bit too much effort considering that other sites offer better customization on the look of your blog, but I persisted through and managed to get the flush edges on the header I wanted. Nice and clean.

On the first day back however there was a change of plan with this blog. We were asked to create a wix blog instead as it offers better integration with Sketchfab and Marmoset viewers.

Alright, no panic. I tried it out and I eventually decided to create my portfolio website on there, and I also linked the blog to it on a separate page. I like some of Wix's features, I enjoy how fluid it can be with designing the look of your site especially with the transitions and carousel items you can add which makes it great for portfolios but when it came to the blog it didn't feel quite right...

I have a few reasons for why I prefer using blogger compared to Wix. The first one mainly is because I'm a little bit precious over the time I have spent tweaking the look of blogger's basic template, Wix does make it easier to make something similar without having to go into any code but within limits. If there is anything super specific you want to change with the look of your site you might have a few issues, but most uses Wix can do what you want.

Another reason is the site details itself, I much prefer my blogger domain name as it isn't just my email with a suffix. I also have access to my reading lists, post backlog, and a higher ranking on google search. Wix doesn't seem to get picked up on google as much as blogger (might be a little bit something to do with Blogger being a google thing) That's something that I need to work on for my actual portfolio, like getting a proper domain but for the blog I prefer to keep it as a separate entity anyway. I can't deal with Wix's interface sometimes so if I am just dealing with it just for creating my portfolio I'm happy.

After a little trial period I've decided to return to Blogger, I think the biggest reason of all is that it just feels better to use. We aren't really having submission posts anymore apart from FMP so I might just migrate those ones from the wix portfolio website onto their own little thing so they are out of the way and edit some portfolio friendly versions of those soon.

I'll migrate over all the Wix posts I have made so far back over to this blog as well to fill the gap, In the meantime here's a few samples of what I have been working on recently, a quick video showing of some blueprint mechanics I have been working on for my FMP:

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