Sunday, 28 February 2016

FMP 7 - Camera System

After going back over the concepts last week I went back into engine to plan out some of the larger pieces of the landscape. To make the playthrough a bit more bearable however the camera system needed work. At the moment we have a problem where the camera clips through all the walls and the characters and it would be nice to have a camera system that feels a bit more cinematic when it moves around.

I created a spline camera system from this tutorial I looked at, it works by having two splines; A camera track and a player track that shows roughly where the player might be and the camera will move up or down the camera track based on where the player is in relation to the player track. Here is a little progress video showing the camera in action:

Also this week I added in some of the larger environment pieces within the level so everything can be 100% blocked in, a basic model of the lighthouse and other landscape features have been modelled so smaller assets can be placed on top.

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