Saturday, 19 December 2015

Through The Gate 4 - All the FX

This will be my last post concerning the style matrix projects. Mainly this week consisted of tidying up my projects and taking better images for presentation so for that reason I won't really go into detail too much, instead heres a load of screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

 The main thing I added since last week is the beam effect which uses world position offset in the material to create distortion, I had help from Mike Pickton setting this up and it uses world position so I dont get any repeating along the length of the spline (except in the distance where the spline comes back on itself but it's too far away from the platform to notice).






 Above you can see I added a bit more to the entrance tunnel, this still could do with a little work for my portfolio, adding some more layers of machinery and structure.

 And finally an asset breakdown, with everything I have created so far. You can see the amount of things I have modelled are quite limited but it does the job to create an environment like this. Most other pieces now that could be made include props and rubbish.


Below is a breakdown of potential fixes and changes I can make to the environment including everything I have talked about so far, compiling a list like this helps me prioritize what is actually important for getting the end result I would like.

 As you can see there is a lot I would like to work on! I'll start updating as soon as I continue work on it, but at the moment doing work is a bit hard due to my computer issues. My whole power supply has packed up and has potentially taken the motherboard with it so I need to get that fixed as a priority seeing as I will need it for FMP as well. 

Until next time, oh and happy new year!

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