Saturday, 5 December 2015

Through The Gate 2 - Adding a splash of colour

I have made some huge progress so far on this environment. After plotting out the basic shape of the level I could start working on populating the scene with assets. Important parts of the scene to consider at the moment include all the high poly assets as well as adding more colour to the scene. 

First things first I began to collect more imagery of train platforms and the kind of props I might find there. The main thing I gathered from the images is that a lot of the train platforms include a lot of signs and adverts, they also have a very specific way they are built in order to make it more accessible for people to use them.


I started work on the door used for the maintenance tunnel, creating the high poly model then texturing in substance painter.

Also I used this opportunity to create a small area on the other side of the door, the maintenance tunnel itself, that could be used for cinematic purposes later on. This didn't take long to do as I simply used modular pieces I already created.

 I remodelled benchs and signs that fit the scale of the level more as well as changing the position and shape of the skylights, this layout I feel looks a bit more natural. Signs are also an important part of selling the platform, so I added in some basic scrolling signs that I would replace with my own graphics later on. 


 The next big object I needed to focus on were the rings supporting the lightrail. To create these I modelled a straight section of the ring and a high poly model to go with it, then used bend modifier on the piece after to create the entire loop of the ring to save on texture space and make the model more efficient, I also used the same technique on the circular section surrounding the door although using the trim texture. I love this way of working as it really helps me to get the most out of my texture resources, working in a modular fashion also allows me to be quite experimental with how I used my texture sheets aswell and I can use them in my environment in different ways.

I added the rings into the scene and fixed the colour of the lightrail which I think fits the scene better in it's new colour. I went around the scene improving a lot of the lighting and atmosphere. I actually imported some of the example effects supplied by epic games into this environment, you can see that I have made extensive use of the fog sheets and godrays.



 Next week I'll be finishing up and presenting the scene, I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. :)


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