Saturday, 18 April 2015

Off The Map VIII - Spirally Splines

Hello guys, hope you had a good Easter holidays! Unfortunately I didn't get quite the amount of chocolate I was after, apart from one reduced Milkybar rabbit that I brought for myself. Still, it was pretty damn good chocolate.

Our team reassembled and we continued with the OTM project, trying to finalise our models and get stuff textured. This week I finished all the variations of the fencing in the lobby with the swirly wrought iron we wanted. 

My other work this week concerned placing the base of the floor chandelier; a play on the reality of Wonderland again by having the chandelier suspended upwards from the floor. This was helpful for helping setting up a focal point in the Lobby area.

Centre piece of the lobby. All we need now is our chandelier levitating from it.

Quick Progress shot of the lobby, this reinforced how happy I am with the railings.
Some material thingies

Almost forgot about this, a little something I was doing over the holidays for OTM. I tried creating a master material for all the assets in the scene and experimented with a hand-painted wood texture Annie created; I used nDo and dDo to create normals and spec maps from her texture. Here is a little screen grab from 3Do:

Quixel is an incredibly awesome piece of kit, makes map creation ten times quicker. Really want to make steps to incorporate the suite into my workflow.

Presentations are later in the week so I should be covering that next. I will be doing mine on my horror project so really looking forward to it, it's not often I get to present my personal project stuff so this is a great opportunity to build some confidence in my work and hopefully gain some feedback. Provided I am capable of speaking for three minutes.


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