Sunday, 22 March 2015

Off The Map VII: Pre-Easter Crackdown

As it is the start of the Easter holidays next week, me and the rest of our team is working tirelessly to make sure that we have the level in a solid state before we head away. We figured out who could or couldn't work on it over the holidays and used to that split work load. Since I don't have a job or anything back at Bristol I aim to put more time towards OTM; fixing the engine issues that need fixing.

This week for me though has been more of a maintenance period for the level, making sure everybody knows what they are doing plus sorting out bits of modelling on my end. Me and Tom were going back and forth trying to fit the architrave, skirting, wooden panelling, etc around the level to make the rooms seem a lot a less like deformed boxes.

I also decided to remodel the railings. The plan was to use alphas for all the railings originally, however by modelling it we could now have some depth we couldn't have had before. I had to learn some spline modelling for this and one thing became clear is that I really love this way of working; Splines are so flexible and I wouldn't be able to make these railings any other way. I am super happy with how they have turned out!

If you were concerned about FPS then no need! I already have plans to make LODs for all the main modular pieces in the level; some will baked down and some reduced tricount versions of the railings will make things a bit more efficient.

Here is what I have so far, just a straight segment. I'll use this to created the curved sections later on:

My railings, connecting up splines then using sweep modifier so such a quick way to work with this kind of complex geometry.
Might do some random progress updates on some personal project things over the holiday, will leave anything Off the Map until I get back in one big post though. Have a good Easter for anybody who's reading!! :D

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