Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cool Shit! - Tomorrowland trailer, Feast, and art wall update

Cool shit again! This week we had Mike Kelly do a presentation about making sure to feed our minds with awesome-y things so we can go and create better art; so what he did was show us a handful of links and places which get those creative juices going... he started with one of my favourite websites ever: Pinterest.

My Pinterest Page - Yeh, shameless self promotion I know
Pinterest I've been using since college now and it's the first place I go to fill my brain with all sorts of cool imagery. The great thing about it is that the content is all prefiltered and organized by the people that use the site, allowing you to easily find the kind of images you are looking for rather than spending loads of time sifting through google image search. The newest feature that brings up similar searches with tags is also extremely helpful as it allows you to really narrow down the search to the exact kind of image you are looking for without having to know what keywords to type. You can tell I like it because of my 3000 and counting pin count. :D

Mike went through a couple of other links aswell as suggesting that we should 'possibly' donate our bodies to science so we can go to places like Cambodia and Malaysia to get some travelling under our belt (and a truckload of reference photos) if our time last year in the abandoned warehouse meant anything it's that I'm willing to go to extreme lengths to get reference photos.

An abandoned, falling apart building.. this room used to house a karate class as there are a lot of posters and stuff on the walls as well as hooks for punch bags.
Speaking of trespassing, Mike also mentioned a site that features a lot of urban exploration picture among loads of othr things. Will be making more visits to from now.

Ok my turn for cool shit. This week the teaser for Disney's Tomorrowland came out and it looks INSANE. Yeh basically sci-fi stuff again but for anybody that knows me it's not surprising that I find this to be cool shit. The way the scene transitions is really sweet, you will see what I mean by watching. :)

Next up, another Disney thing. This time though it's the teaser for the short film 'Feast' by Disney Animation Studios who are again experimenting with binding together traditional media and cgi just like they were trying with their last short 'Paperman', here the result is different but still one hundred percent Disney. There is a really cool cel-shaded look to this that instantly reminded me of Wind Waker and similar games, I really hope Disney uses this style eventually in their feature length movies. 

And to finish this post: Another Cool Wall Update!


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