Thursday, 3 October 2013

Starting again

My name is James Broderick and I am studying Game Art at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. I have always aspired to work in the games industry and I am working to get into employment after university at a games studio. My dream is to eventually start up my own games studio down the line so I can work on my own projects, I know first though I must gain the experience to get there.

Before studying at De Montfort I studied Interactive Media with Games Design at City Of Bristol College where I dabbled in different areas like web design, animation and games design. Although from the start I was set on working my way towards the games industry in some form, I am always tied between the game design and the art. Hopefully as the course continues and I develop as an artist I can also develop my knowledge as a game designer aswell, both these parts and how they fit together really fascinate me.

Anyway a little about what I'm into: I am an avid gamer who mostly sticks to Nintendo games and Final Fantasy although recently I've been trying out some different kinds of games to mix it up. My favourite films are Star Wars, Inception, Kill Bill, Looper, Alien. I like raving to The Prodigy in my bedroom as well as listening to Florence + The Machine, Kasabian and a multitude of film and game soundtracks and Ministry Of Sound anthems.

I have set up this blog so people can follow my progress as an artist and designer through university and maybe beyond. For my older bits and bobs from my college years go to Noxarts - Old College Stuff if you want to track my development even further back.


Here is some other links where people can follow my work, usually if there is a substantial update on one of my other pages I will write a short post about it here anyway:

James Broderick @ Pinterest

This is my Pinterest page where you can get a feel for what kind of things I like. I create a lot of moodboards for projects as well as a board to track my art development and pin other cool pieces of art, architecture or other things I like. If you wish to follow my progress then following me here and on Pinterest would be appreciated. Also any image on this blog which you want to pin to your board you can do easily by simply hovering over an image and clicking the little red Pinterest icon.

James Broderick @

The Wysp site I use occasionally to upload digital stuff, I prefer to Deviantart at the moment as it is smaller and people rate your progress rather than the individual merit of each piece of art. I may create a Deviantart account eventually though so stay tuned.

Noxarts Portfolio Site (Work In Progress)

The Portfolio Site I created while still in college so that contains my older stuff, when I get time I will overhaul the website so it will have my university work, update all the information and improve the layout. I do plan on integrating it with the blog somehow but so artwork I upload here will upload onto the gallery there but I will have to figure out how it will work first.

Starting again

So like the old version of this blog I will post as frequently as possible. I prefer to post longer posts with a load of information than little tidbits, this will probably happen more with any traditional artwork on here as I usually take my work to the library and get it all scanned at once to save me time, however digital projects I usually upload during progress and post several smaller updates. Look forward to a load of 3DS max updates soon as I wrangle through a load of tutorials to get to grips with the software.

So welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy what is to come over the next three years.


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