Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Quick Update (with doodles)

Just a quick one really, progress on this blog has been a little slow lately as a result of my computer playing up by deciding to not let any input function whatsoever. Now it's in the possession of the techies at the su until the weekend so next week there should be a lot more on here as I can access all the images I painstakingly cropped for this blog and I shall be working on numerous projects during reading week or whatever it is.

Anyway in the meantime here is some doodles done around a week ago, I heard you like dragons?

A dragon experimenting with biro crosshatching and a tripod alien as inspired by some of the third year work on the War Of The Worlds project. Ignore the random awesome face in the top corner of the dragon doodle, unless you don't mind awesome faces that is.

A robothing and some bat studies I did after receiving some critique from a fellow student on my dragon, I was advised to look at some wing designs from different animals to be able to apply this to a dragon concept. Bats were used a lot in the design of the dragons in Skyrim.
 Next, some still life done in my free time:

I started doing these after Heather said that I needed to improve my measuring and get into the habit of doing drawing exercises and thumbnails. This is invaluable practice that I'm trying to do as often as I can. For this page I didn't focus on the shading too much and tried to get the contour and form correct.

This was more experimenting with shading using dark pencils, I am getting more in the habit of using these pencils especially since we are focusing on rendering techniques at Bradgate Park and the New Walk Museum in which the darker pencils lend to more contrast.
Next couple of posts should bring this blog up to date, I have a whole post lined up with my 3D work aswell as a summary of my first day at the famous Bradgate park and following visits. Stay tuned guys. :)

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